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You are ordering power leveling for World of Warcraft: Classic.
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Looking to buy powerleveling for World of Warcraft Classic Servers? You have come to the right place.
After 4 years of work on private servers we are finally moving to official servers.
Hundreds of orders were done by our team on Nostalrius, Elysium, Kronos, Light’s Hope, Battle of Azeroth and other servers.
It gave us a lot of time to practice and learn best routes to make our service even more effective than ever.
Don’t fall for services offering too fast speed or too low prices, it never ends with what they promised to get an order.​


What does 1-60 leveling include?
  • 1-60 leveling
  • 60% mount
  • 100-300 gold and all BoE blue/epic items acquired in process

Why should you choose us?

One of the oldest and most reputable sellers No need to worry about being scammed, you always get what you paid for.
Fast We always do our work in time. No exceptions and excuses.
Safe We don’t use bots, cheats or exploits.
Only hand work All leveling is done by professional players with years of experience.
Everything stays on your account Doesn’t matter gold or epics, nothing will be taken out of your account.
Progress reports You will receive screenshots showing current progress on a regular basis.
Low prices We monitor market and drop prices regularly to stay competitive.
VPN protection Our team is located in eastern europe, but we can use VPN to emulate your original location if you request this option.
Refund policy You will get full refund if your account gets banned during leveling process.
Custom orders Professions, Attunements, Reputations, Honor farm, Gear boost – any task can be completed by our team.

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