World of Warcraft: Classic

World of Warcraft Classic is what all fans of the game have been waiting for. True recreation of original game that many of us played back in 2006. Our team couldn’t pass by that feast, so we are jumping straight in the hype train and ready to help you to get best experience with our professional in-game services.

We have been selling World of Warcraft services since 2014 and our team is well known in community for our work on private servers, including vanilla of course (Nostalrius, Elysium, Kronos, Light’s Hope). Hundreds of orders were completed by us on these servers, that’s why we sure in our team and our game knowledge.

Regardless of how skilled gamer you are, Classic WoW requires insane amount of free time from players who want to achieve high results in the game. Many people simple can’t afford to do all the game routine on their own because of real life busyness. That’s why people looking for assistance on sites like ours. What we can help with: character leveling, professions leveling, attunements, dungeon and raid boosts, honor and ranks farming, gold and ready accounts, in-game items and many more.

We work with all Europe / North America / Oceania realms.

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