Sunwell Frosthold was launched on 16 november 2019. It’s the newest Wrath of the Lich King private server from team that you may know by their previous projects called Feronis, Angrathar and Nightbane.

What makes this server worth to play? Experienced team of developers that already gave us great times on their previous TBC and WotLK servers.
Frosthold will have a lot of inovations, that was never used on other private servers:

  • Mythic+ dungeons with competition system and rewards for best players
  • Timewalking raids
  • Crossrealm dungeonds and battlegrounds
  • Redesigned open-world PVP events
  • Raid boosts
  • and more…


Game version: 3.3.5
Experience rates: x3 for 1-68, x2 for 68-80 (double rates available for site coins)
Sunwell Frosthold realmlist: set realmlist
Registation link:

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